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Advertising in HBCU RESEARCH Magazine provides an opportunity to align your entity with an engaging audience of leadership, from early-career scientists to experienced innovators who are leaders and decision-makers in academia, industry and government research. Our articles and content will be read, saved, shared, and remembered.

Universitiesreach your target audience and get your capabilities in front of federal agencies and corporations

Corporationsconnect with Universities to broaden partnerships & collaborations

Federal Agenciesfurther outreach and find researchers who can supply solutions and assist with the mission

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At HBCU RESEARCH Magazine, we believe that print advertising is the foundation for building brand awareness. The visual impact of print ads along with groundbreaking research can play an important part in the integrated marketing plan of any entity.

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HBCU RESEARCH Magazine offers a variety of banner programs for reaching a target audience in today’s on-the-go world. With our responsive design, your banner ads  will be seen in their best quality, whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

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